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Thank you very much.  Prime Minister Abe, on behalf of the American people, I welcome you to the very famous White House.  You honor us with your presence.  This is one of our earliest visits from a foreign leader, and I am truly glad that it could be from such an important and steadfast ally.

The bond between our two nations, and the friendship between our two peoples, runs very, very deep.  This administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer.  We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas under its administrative control, and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance.

The U.S.-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace and stability in the Pacific region.  It is important that both Japan and the United States continue to invest very heavily in the alliance to build up our defense and our defensive capabilities, which, under our mutual leadership, will become stronger and stronger, and, as time goes by, ultimately they will be impenetrable.

We face numerous challenges, and bilateral cooperation is essential.  Our country is committed to being an active and fully engaged partner.  We will work together to promote our shared interests, of which we have many in the region, including freedom from navigation and of navigation, and defending against the North Korean missile and nuclear threat, both of which I consider a very, very high priority.

On the economy, we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair and reciprocal, benefitting both of our countries.  The vibrant exchange between us is a true blessing.  Japan is a proud nation with a rich history and culture, and the American people have profound respect for your country and its traditions.  I also want to take this opportunity, Mr. Prime Minister, to thank you and the people of Japan for hosting our armed forces.

Working together, our two countries have the ability to bring greater harmony, stability and prosperity to the Pacific region and beyond, improving countless lives in the process.  We are committed to that goal — highly committed.

Prime Minister Abe, on behalf of the United States of America, I thank you for being with us today.  We will soon be traveling to the great state of Florida, where I know we will have a long and very successful talk, negotiations, and a very, very productive weekend.



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