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質問に対する答えを英語でいう場合、my answer to your question のように前置詞toを使うことが一般的です。しかしforを使う場合もあるような気がするなぁと思い、違いがあるとすれば何なのか気になりました。


“I have an answer to your question.”

のようにtoを使います。for が使われる文例を探してみました。

Huffington Postの記事の中に、

The USDA hotline has answers for your questions on food safety.



In the example you provided from the Huffington Post, “The USDA hotline has answers for your questions on food safety,” the use of “for” is correct in this context. While “to” is often used when talking about providing responses directly to questions, in some cases, “for” can be used to indicate that the answers are available in relation to the questions.

In this specific sentence, the USDA hotline is described as having answers that are related to or concerning your questions on food safety. The use of “for” here implies a broader sense of providing information or addressing questions in the context of the topic rather than directly responding to each individual question.

So, in summary, the Huffington Post example is grammatically correct, and the use of “for” in that context is appropriate to convey the idea that the answers are available in connection with the questions on food safety.


Youtube で”answers for questions”を検索すると、

多数ヒットします。とくに、学校の勉強で「問題に対する解答」というときに”Answers for questions”という表現がよく使われるようです。