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cloth  布, 生地 pl. cloths

clothes 洋服, 衣服  複数形扱い

【用例】The Summer Camp Handbook recommends you pack your kid enough clothes to last one-and-a-half times the number of days they’ll be at camp for camps that run a week or less (they probably don’t provide laundry service).(引用元

【用例】What should I do if someone tells me to take off my clothes? (引用元

clothing 衣類 (帽子や靴なども含み、身につけるもの全部が含まれる) 不可算名詞 個々の服でなく衣類を集合的、抽象的、概念的にあらわす言葉。

   【用例】WOMEN’S CLOTHING 婦人服 Womens Clothing & Fashion  Women’s Clothing

   【用例】Wash all new clothing before packing. Try to calculate how much clothing your child will need.(引用元

   【用例】History of traditional national clothes in Japan. In ancient times, Japanese people used skins of animals they hunted to make them into simple clothes. Later, along with the development of civilization, Japan was influenced through interaction with other countries to dress in clothing made of fabrics. As entering the Middle Ages, the clothing gradually changed into something unique to Japan, which we believe is an original form of kimono. Among people of nobility, layered clothing became popular, and a beautiful clothing called juni-hitoe (twelve-layered ceremonial kimono) was created. (引用元

wear 衣類、衣服   特定の機会あるいは特定の人が身につけるものの総称 不可算 

dress ドレス、ワンピースなど、女性用の(上下つながった)洋服

outfit  スーツ上下や、衣装一式など洋服をひとそろい

apparel  衣服、服装、衣料、装飾

garment  〔1着の〕衣服、衣類 (

【用例】The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. Kimono(s) are often worn for important festivals or formal occasions as formal clothing. kimonoの複数形は、kimonoまたはkimonos (Wikipedia)

fashion 〔服や髪形などの〕ファッション、流行のスタイル

ただ、Clothesというとやはり基本的には2枚以上を指します。服1枚の場合は、普通はYour shirt、Your sox、Your pants、Your jacket、Your suit  Your dressなどのように、服の名称で呼びます。


  5. Cloth、Clothes、Clothingの違いは? Hepa Eikaiwa