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Once agreed, …という言い方があります。
【例】Once agreed, I will send you a document. (引用元


【解説】Once it is agreed または、Once that is agreedが短く省略されてOnce agreedとなったと考えるのがわかりやすいでしょう。


We will give you a quote and once that is agreed, we will arrange a suitable date and time to deliver and assemble your furniture. (Shop & Delivery – How It Works? FLATPACK)


Initially this group was called as BRIC and SA became part of it in 2010. The basis to accept SA in the group was that, it was also a developing economy and wanted to be part of BRIC nations. Once this was agreed by the BRIC forum they officially invited SA to be part of BRIC and the name then changed to BRICS. (引用元


ちなみに、BRICとはBrazil, Russia, India, Chinaの4か国で、SAは、South Africaです。


Once agreed upon, … という言い方も見かけます。



Once implemented, … ひとたび実施されれば、…

【例】Once implemented, the proposed support by the Committee for live music, infrastructure, funding programs and music education will be a game-changer for contemporary music artists and businesses, living and working in NSW. (引用元



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