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血管新生療法はこれらの患者にとって一つのオプションになるが、まだ研究段階である。Angiogenic therapies are emerging as an option for these patients but are currently still under investigation. (Assessing Therapeutic Angiogenesis in a Murine Model of Hindlimb Ischemia  JoVE 2019年)


これは新しい、これからやってくる技術であるが、まだ臨床研究の段階にある。This is a new and upcoming technique which is still under clinical investigation.

Prosthetic meniscus implants are a promising new tool for meniscus deficiency but are currently still under investigation.

With its simple implantation, and joint sparing use, this implant has good potential to postpone more aggressive treatment options to a later age. Currently, the device is under clinical investigation for safety and efficacy in a multicenter European study.

(引用元:Meniscus Substitution: Scaffolds, Allografts and Prosthetic Implants. Developing Insights in Cartilage Repair pp 253-265. Springer