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Shinju “Juju” Nozawa-Auclair – Interview – /r/WMMA


  • 00:00 yeah I’ll keep you up late that’s all yeah all right.
  • 00:04 This young lady is an MMA fighter Juju Olair is in studio with us to talk about their big fight coming up
  • 00:31 We’re playing ‘Juju On That Beat’. Do you know that’s not going to do eclairs here
  • Yes, I do.
  • 00:35 She is from Brighton by way of San Francisco. But, you are MMA fighter and when you walked in I said wow! that girl fights MMA? Why?
  • 00:43 I think as especially as a female going into the cage known somebody wants to hurt you and knowing that I can defend myself and you potentially cause some harm as well it gives you a lot of confidence in them oh no I I’ve always liked watching UFC and so I try to give it a go.
  • 01:03I know it’s going to sound like a weird question but good nonetheless I have to say it this way because it emphasizes what I want to emphasize you’re comfortable smashing another woman in the face?
  • 1:13 I gotta be. (Laughter)
  • 1:19 Talk about the process of MMA fighting because I’m familiar with boxing but MMA is something different. It’s mixed martial arts for a reason you’re up boxing now you’re down on the floor grappling it’s wrestling. It’s a mix of everything
  • Everything, yah.
  • 01:30 Tell us of disciplines that you’ve learned and how long in your career has been very short but how much do you know?
  • 01:36 I’m I started boxing and then I went into MMA knew that’s what I wanted to do but at the time I didn’t have a place where I can train MMA so I think that my stand up is probably my strongest point but of course I had to learn to wrestle and do some jiu-jitsu grappling stuff.
  • 01:53 She says her stand up and you mean stand up boxing.
  • Boxing, kick boxing, yah.
  • 01:58 now who are you fighting this weekend
  • 01:59 I’m fighting Larkin – she’s undefeated 5a now
  • Did you do your due diligence on it.
  • 02:04 You check her out?
  • 02:05 Yes I did. I watched her. I studied her film. My coaches and I sat down we this is the last-minute fight
  • 02:12 She took the fight I believe on Monday and it’s happening tomorrow Saturday so all right and then have too much time.
  • 02:17 Well, you see it’s fight night at the Joe you guys it takes place tomorrow night at a Saturday night at the Joe Louis Arena mixed martial arts fighter it’s Juju Aulair she’s representing Michigan representing Brighton Give a shout out to where you work out and talk about what kind of discipline it takes what’s your workout like a scorpion fighting system or either yep scorpion
  • 02:38 and we’re in there almost I’m six days a week I do morning sessions night sessions. Uh, it’s a lot of hard work you got to watch your diet you got to watch you know everything. um but if you love it you’re gonna find a way to make it work.
  • Many many many things many many years ago things change for me when I was trying to box and as soon as I got hit directly in the jaw everything changed yeah when you got punched right in them group the grill in the face for the first time, what was your reaction and how do you respond to that?
  • 03:10 That’s funny because my dad when I first told him I wanted to start this, he told me he was like when the first time you get popped in the face, you’re going to quit.
  • Everybody says I knew about a lot of fighters
  • But you know, I got popped in the face for the first time and my instinct my kill switch went on and I went crazy and I was one of my first time sparring and it didn’t stop me. I’m still doing it!
  • 03:33 That’s the key that’s how you know a real fighter can hit it for real and you come back then you need to focus that aggression to a win.
  • 03:38 Absolutely.
  • All right what do you want people to know when they come to watch you fight tomorrow at the jail?
  • 03:43 You know don’t count me out this is my debut fight. I’m going up against the tough five an old girl. She’s undefeated like I said and I’ve only been at it for a short while but I’ve been working really hard. So, I hope you guys come out and watch
  • All right you too thanks for the time
  • Thank you so much
  • You’re going to do on that beat when you movie on everything you do
  • Juju Aclair fighting at the Joe tomorrow.Tthat’s saturday night, tickets are still available through Olympia entertainment. Valentine’s day talk is next.