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ホライゾン航空のQ400、従業員が無許可で離陸させ墜落Aviation Wire 2018年8月11日 23:58 JST By Tadayuki YOSHIKAWA



ABC News(Airport employee steals plane and crashes 30 miles away)によれば犯人は29歳で名前はRichard Russell氏。ホライズン航空の荷物運搬係として3年半空港で働いていました。


Family of a man who stole and crashed a plane is ‘stunned and heartbroken’ CNN Sunday, August 12, 2018 08:51AM

“This is a complete shock to us,” the family said in a statement Saturday night. “We are devastated by these events, and Jesus is truly the only one holding this family together right now.” The statement said Russell, 29, was “a faithful husband, a loving son and a good friend.” Referring to audio recordings of Russell talking to air traffic control during his hour-long flight, the statement said his “intent was not to harm anyone. He was right in saying that there are so many people who have loved him.”



Where is Ketron Island? Who lives there? BY KENNY OCKER August 10, 2018 10:06 PM Updated August 11, 2018 08:32 AM

Ketron Island, the site of a crash of a hijacked Alaska Airlines plane taken from Sea-Tac Airport sits in the South Puget Sound.

The privately owned island is reachable only by ferry and is served by the Anderson Island-Steilacoom ferry run by Pierce County. The population listed in the 2010 U.S. Census was all of 17 people.

墜落する前の乗っ取り犯と管制塔との会話 音声およびトランスクリプト

LISTEN: FBI reviews cockpit, control tower comms during wild chase over Seattle Chicago Sun-Times 08/10/2018, 11:36pm (26分34秒)

Extraordinary audio of the Seattle hijacker’s conversation with air traffic controller (The Sun 2018/08/11 に公開)(5分13秒)



  • Rich: …Some gas to go check out the Olympics and errr, yeah.
  • Air traffic controller (ATC): Ok and Rich, do you know, are you able to tell what altitude you are at?
  • Rich: Yeah that’s all mumbo… I have no idea what all that means, I wouldn’t know how to punch it in. I’m off autopilot.
  • (Inaudible)
    Rich: You taking me to the jets?
  • ATC: Nah I’m not taking you to any jets, I’m actually keeping you away from aircraft that are trying to land at Sea-Tac.
  • Rich: Oh ok yeah I don’t wanna screw with that. I’m glad you’re not, you know, screwing up everyone else’s day on account of me.
    ATC: (Inaudible) Can we just shut down?
  • Rich: I’m down to 21 hundred, I started like 30 something.
  • ATC: Rich you said you had 2,100 pounds of fuel left?
  • Rich: Yeah I don’t know what the burnage… burnout… is like on take-off, but yeah it’s burned quite a bit faster than I expected.
    ATC: (Inaudible)
    Rich: Ah man those guys would rough me up if I tried landing that. I think I might mess something up there too. I wouldn’t want to do that. I’ll hopefully… Oh they’ve probably got anti-aircraft!”
  • ATC: No they don’t have any of that stuff. We’re just trying to find a place for you to land safely.
  • Rich: Yeah I’m not quite ready to bring it down just yet, but holy smokes I’ve got to stop looking at the fuel because it’s going down quick.
  • ATC: Ok Rich if you could, could you start a left-hand turn, and we’ll take you down to the southeast please.
  • Rich: This is probably like jail time for life, huh? I mean I would hope it is for a guy like me.
    ATC: Well Rich we’re not going to worry or think about that, but could you start a left-hand turn please?

Second recording:

  • Rich: Hey, you think if I land this successfully (inaudible) would give me a job as a pilot?
  • ATC: You know I think they would give you a job doing anything if you can pull this off.
  • Rich: Yeeeeahhh right! Nah I’m a white guy… (audio cuts).

Third recording:

  • ATC: If you wanted to land, probably the best bet is that runway just ahead and to your left. Again that’s McChord field, um, if you wanted to try that might be the best way to set up and see if you can land there, or just like the pilot suggests another option would be over Puget Sound into the water.
  • Rich: Dang, you talk to McChord yet? Because I don’t think I’d be happy with you telling me I could land like that, because I could mess stuff up.
  • ATC: Well Rich I already spoke to ‘em and just like me, what we want to see is you not get hurt or anybody else get hurt, so like I said if you want to try to land that’s probably the best place to go.
  • Rich: Hey I want the coordinates of that orca, with err, you know the mama orca with the baby, I wanna go see that guy.


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