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【例文】I see Mt. Fuji every day, but I’ve never climbed it. (引用元:高校入試 英語のコンビニ 会話文流れをつかめばしめたもの 文理編集部 編集)

例文】She models, she hosts TV shows, but this summer Araceli Segarra returns to her first love with an assault on K2, the world’s deadliest mountain. Only five women have ever climbed it – and not one of them is still alive. (引用元

【例文】One Sherpa has climbed it 13 times. (引用元

【解説】climbed itのitは、K2という山を指しています。

例文】This mountain is one of the biggest Alpine climbs in Europe. It has a very famous north face route – but it’s also notoriously dangerous. It was one of the last great parts of the Alps to be unlocked (first climbed in 1938). I have climbed it a couple of times – it’s wonderful in good conditions, but it has its own weather system and it can become very dangerous very quickly. (引用元: