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2018年2月25日に受験した英検1級の2次試験の面接のトピック5個のうちの1番目は、Should scientific research be funded by the government?でした。科学研究は政府が助成すべきか?自分は、これが一番答えやすかったので迷わずこれにしました。正直言って、自分にとっては当たり前すぎて、理由がなかなか思いつきませんでしたが、ネットでいろいろ調べてみると、様々な意見があるようです。


  1. Should government funding of scientific research be increased?
  2. Four reasons why the Government needs to keep spending money on science
  3. What Are the Benefits of Government-Funded Research?
  4. Basic Science Can’t Survive without Government Funding
  5. The Limits of Government-Funded Research: What Should They Be?
  6. Should the Government Fund Only Science in the “National Interest”?
  7. Some say that the government should not fund scientific research because the private sector does more targeted research. Does this have any truth to it?
  8. Why The Government Should Fund Unpopular Science
  9. Why We Can Stop Government Funding Of Science: It Doesn’t Create Much Innovation
  10. End Government Science Funding
  11. Should Government Fund Science?